Chaotic Shadows is Metal Band based out of Grant County Washington.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Awesome review from Emily Lynn Haacke 

A awesome review by Emily Lynn Haacke 

The opening band, Chaotic Shadows, was setting up on stage and people were starting to fill the seats at the bar as food was delivered to my table. The crowd had come to hear music and Chaotic Shadows powered through sound check to get the night off to a heavy start.

I didn’t get the chance to chat with Chaotic Shadows that night but I‘d done a little research into them earlier in the week. The group was formed a year ago in Grant County, WA and they have quickly gathered fans across the northwest. Their bassist Justin McMahon is only fifteen years old, though through his professionalism he looked every bit like a twenty-something who was comfortably on his third tour. It’s a good bet that this is due in some part to the influence of Justin’s father, Jeremiah Jordan, who also serves as Chaotic Shadows’ lead vocalist and drummer. Their guitarist, Fred Odell, rounds out a three-piece ensemble that opened the night with a solid, true-to-form heavy metal set. Jeremiah’s dual responsibilities as vocalist and drummer make for a dynamic twist as he doesn’t hold anything back with either instrument. His vocals are gritty, energetic and passionate and he projects them with the full force of his drum set behind them. Fred adds an element of groove to the heavy style of the band but I was also reminded of Motorhead while listening to his chugging riffs. Justin’s bass lines were on point and I have a suspicion that he’s going to become a true force to be reckoned with in the northwest metal scene. At fifteen years old, he’s halfway there already.

Chaotic Shadows played at the dark horse in Missoula MT